So! Nearly Civilized is officially up and running!  UAU!  I’m actually really really excited to be back into blogging. It has been a while, and while Randomness was amazing, and it was definitely my baby, change was needed!  So yeah! Hi and stuff! (Yeah I totally just jacked this phrase from a certain someone, but, I did it. Just go with it.)

It’s going to be a bit different around here. Not so much with the up-to-date, newest, shiniest things. There will be some newness, but in general it will just be my style. What I dig. The stores I geek out over, and the sims I love to visit for photos!  Should be a good time.

incidentally, there is newness in this shot! New Truth hair! I love the new textures and colors that Truth Hawks has put out recently. I’m a big fan of crazy random colors, and doubly so when it comes to hair. Check them out. Just do it. 😀  Another fun thing here, is the shirt. It may look like I’m wearing ultra perky mesh boobies, but actually, I’m just rocking an amazing shirt from Alterego!  These are really nice because you don’t need Lola’s to get an awesome rack. >.> So all you slender avi’s out there who can’t get the fantastically perky mesh tata’s to fit you right, you can fake it. You should fake it, because these shirts are just gorgeous, and I’ll probably be featuring a few of them.

Just a short one tonight, and  yes, as always, the title mirrors a song. Krewella has been on my playlist for a bit now, so expect a few more shorts inspired by their tunage!


  • .skin. Hush – Olivia Skin – Cream
  • .eyes. Miamai – Protagonist Vanity Eyes
  • .lashes. Miamai – Protagonist Vanity 
  • .makeup. Corvus – Tired Eyes, [K] – Black Magic Eyeliner, Pink Acid – Diva Lipgloss
  • .hair. Truth – Delta – Colour Fade 3
  • .shirt. Alter Ego – Half Top – Dripnmau5
  • .jewelry. Hebenon Vial – Jewel Facial Piercing – Oil, Mandala -Poly Rings Ears
  • .pose. Pinioned Poses – Play Hard


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